Which Shoe is Right For You?

Which Shoe is Right For You?

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There are two new sneaker brands on the block, Allbirds vs Vessi, both touting eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives; however, how sustainable are they both, and which brand is better value for money?

We’ll compare the two in this article.

Let’s jump in.

BrandAllbirds ReviewVessi logo
What They MakeSustainable sneakers and shoes for Men, women and kidsWaterproof sneakers for Men and Women and kids
Price Rangefrom $98from $135
Key Features•Natural, eco-friendly materials used
•Carbon Neutral Certified.
•Waterproof Sneakers
•100% Vegan
Negatives•Not every Allbirds style is completely waterproof•Lack of Transparency, limited information
•Lack of color choice
Certified B Corp?
Eco Friendly Materials?
Kid’s styles available?

Allbirds founders Tim Brown and Joey Zwillinger

About Allbirds

San Fransisco-based sustainable sneaker brand Allbirds launched in 2014 and so far have transformed the sustainable sneaker marketplace as we know it. Allbirds, founded by a New Zealand-native Tim Brown and San Francisco-based Joey Zwillinger, currently have their headquarters and flagship store in San Fransisco.

Until Allbirds, many eco-friendly sneakers were un-stylish or lacked the main features you want from a great pair of sneakers, including comfortable sole, breathable fabric.

allbirds flagship store san francisco
Allbirds San Fransisco Store

However, when Allbirds launched their ever-popular Wool Runner, made from New Zealand superfine merino wool, it set the bar for other sustainable sneaker brands to follow.

Allbirds sustainable running shoes tree dasher 2

About Vessi

Canadian brand Vessi launched in 2018 with the purpose to create a breathable but waterproof shoe that can be worn all day, in any weather, rain, snow, and shine.

Vessi is the brainchild of three Vancouver-based entrepreneurs Andy, Tony, Mikaella, who were tired of putting up with wet socks in the Vancouver rain.

Vessi founders

Since 2018, the band has released six different waterproof models and two children’s styles. The brand is also completely vegan, creating its shoes from animal-free materials.

Vessi sneakers
Vessi Everyday Sneaker

Certified B Corporation

Is Allbirds Sustainable?

Since launching in 2014, Allbirds have been committed to being as sustainable as possible. They were awarded B Corporation status in 2016, which means they consider the impact of their business decisions on their employees, customers, community, supplies, and the environment.

Allbirds meet high ethical and environmental production standards to reduce environmental impact and ensure workers are paid a living wage and work in safe environments.

Allbirds are currently a carbon-neutral company; they offset all of the CO2 produced in their supply chain.

Is Vessi Sustainable?

On the Vessi website, they publish that by creating their shoes with vegan materials, the energy consumption is less than using animal-based materials.

Vessi’s packaging is 100% recyclable with zero use of plastic.

Vessi state they work only with trusted and certified manufacturing partners who align with their core values and sustainability goals. However, there is no information on Vessis’s website about its core values or sustainability goals, so this is just an empty statement.

Compared to Allbirds who publish their suppliers and factories, Vessi is not transparent about its partners, factories, or environmental impact.

Furthermore, Vessi hasn’t achieved B Corporation status, and due to the lack of transparency on their website, from a sustainability point of view, Allbirds have the upper hand.

What materials do Allbirds use?

Allbirds use eco-friendly materials and sustainable technology to produce their sneakers.

Allbirds in box
Tree Dashers made with natural, eco-friendly materials.

They source natural fibers that follow ethical and responsible standards, including the FSC certified Eucalyptus fibers, turned into their famous Tree Runners. In addition, Allbirds source only certified Merino wool for use in their wool runners; this wool is certified by groups monitoring animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

Allbirds Tree Pipers Review
Allbirds Tree Pipers

Even Allbird’s laces are eco-friendly; they’re made from 100% recycled plastic material to reduce the use of virgin plastic.

What materials does Vessi use?

Vessi uses 100% vegan, animal-free materials. The waterproof uppers in Vessi sneakers are created from Dyma-tex, a patented polyurethane PU material, which is 100% waterproof and breathable. This layer keeps your feet warm and dry.

Vessi Weekend Sneaker
Vessi Weekend Sneaker

Vessi uses water-based glues for their animal-free shoes compared to other glues often found in sneakers.

However, there is no further mention of other materials or whether Dyma-tex is made from recycled content.

How do Allbirds fit?

Allbirds fit true to size. We’ve personally tried both the Allbirds Tree Dashers and Allbirds Tree Pipers and agree that the fit is perfect.

Allbirds review snippet for allbirds vs vessi comparison
Information on Allbirds website

However, they only come in full sizes, so if you’re in between sizes, Allbirds recommend sizing up.

Allbirds Tree Dasher 2.0

Bethany, our Ecothes Editor, is in between sizes, and sized up on her pair of Tree Dashers are a perfect fit.

Allbirds Tree Dasher src
Ecothes co-founder Bethany wearing her Allbirds treedashers

How do Vessi’s fit?

According to the reviews on Vessi’s website, the sneakers fit true to size however are on the slightly bigger side of the scale.

Overall though, Vessi sneakers fit well and are comfortable walking around all day.

Vessi website snippet for Vessi vs Allbirds comparison

If you’re a half size, Vessi recommends sizing down.

Are Allbirds sneakers good quality?

How to clean Allbirds brushing off visible grime and stains
Allbirds are easy to keep clean and can be machine washed. However I find the white Allbirds show up marks easily.

From personal experience, we can say that Allbirds are high-quality and long-lasting. We’ve had our pair of Tree Dashers for over a year, worn them almost every day, and they are still looking brand new. The sole is still bouncy and comfortable, and the upper part of the sneaker has held its shape well.

Allbirds are also machine washable, and can be cleaned easily to keep them looking clean and fresh.

Don’t just take out word for it; however, look at some of the Allbirds reviews, and you will see people raving about how comfortable they are.

Are Vessi sneakers good quality?

We haven’t personally tested Vessi sneakers; however, they get rave reviews on their website, with the everyday sneaker model receiving over three thousand five-star reviews.

Many reviews tout how comfortable Vessi sneakers are and that people love how waterproof the sneakers are.

Are Allbirds sneakers waterproof?

No, this is one of the only drawbacks of Allbirds sneakers; most of their sneakers are not water-resistant or waterproof. The Wool Runner Mizzles and Wool Dasher Mizzles styles are the best models to buy if you’re looking for water-resistant sneakers.

The Wool Dasher Mizzles have a bio-based shield water repellent coating, making them water-resistant, although wearing in heavy rain or puddles may get your feet wet.

Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles, Allbirds vs Vessi
Allbirds Wool Runner Mizzles are water resistant.

Are Vessi sneakers Waterproof?

Yes. All Vessi sneaker models are waterproof, thanks to their patented Dyma-tex breathable layer. This layer has micro pored, which lets moisture out but stops water from getting in; this keeps your feet dry and breathable all day long.

Allbirds vs Vessi Cityscape sneaker
Vessi Sneakers are waterproof

What styles of shoe does Allbirds make?

Since the original Wool Runner, Allbirds now produce a whole range of sustainable sneakers. We’ve showcased their most popular styles and key features below.

What styles of shoe does Vessi make?

As mentioned, Vessi produce six different men’s and women’s shoe styles. We discuss the key points of Vessi’s best sellers below.

Overall, it’s clear that there are pros and cons to each brand and choosing a winner between Vessi vs Allbirds was tough.

But, If you’re looking for a pair of sustainable sneakers, Allbirds are definitely the best option, as the lack of transparency around Vessi sneakers means we can’t really say if they’re truly as eco-friendly as they claim.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for vegan completely waterproof sneakers, Vessi have this covered. As Allbirds aren’t a vegan brand.

In our opinion, we would personally go for the Allbirds, as we know first hand the quality and comfort.

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