Bank Holiday on June 8: Are banks closed today for second Saturday? Check details here

Bank Holiday Today on June 8: All public and private banks in India, including the State Bank of India (SBI), will be closed today, June 8, on account of it being the second Saturday of the month.

Overall, June 2024 will see at least 12 scheduled bank holidays for various regional celebrations, religious holidays, and weekend offs on the second and fourth Saturdays and Sundays. This also includes the second and fourth Saturdays in the month and all Sundays off. Notably, June 2024 has five Sundays.

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However, customers should note that holidays vary across states in India due to regional differences. They must confirm the full list of non-working days with their nearest bank branch. Doing so will help them better plan and avoid last-minute confusion and emergencies.

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) works with the corresponding state governments to decide on banks’ holiday calendar for the year. Therefore, schedules may differ due to the local customs across states.

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What About Online Banking?

Please note that online banking and mobile banking will continue uninterrupted regardless of any holidays, unless specifically stated by a bank for technical or other reasons. Customers can access banks’ mobile apps, ATMs or websites to conduct urgent transactions. However, if you need help from bank staff, it’s prudent to plan around the listed leave schedule.

The RBI issues the full list of annual bank holidays based on various factors such as national and state holidays, cultural or religious observances, operational needs, government announcements, and coordination with other banks. The central bank further communicates this through its official website and via notifications to banks and other financial institutions.

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