Best OnePlus Open Deals: Save $300 or More on This Sleek Foldable

Unlike flip phones of the past, today’s foldable phones are cutting edge and have become increasingly popular in the last few years. While you may think of Samsung’s Z-series lineup or Google’s Pixel Fold, the OnePlus Open, which arrived in October of last year, quickly found its place on our list of the best foldable phones available. If you’ve shopped around, you’ll know foldables are often pricey and the Open is no exception, starting at $1,700. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to pay that much. We’ve found all the best deals to help you save as much as possible. 

OnePlus Open OnePlus Open


The OnePlus Open is equipped with the same Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 processor as the flagship OnePlus 11 but also boasts a blistering 16GB of RAM and a substantial 512GB of storage. Its 7.8-inch, 2K AMOLED internal display is larger than both the Google Pixel Fold and the Samsung Z Fold 5, but the Open is still thinner overall. You can read all about the specs and hardware in our full OnePlus Open review

Though the OnePlus Open hit shelves in October of last year, thus far it isn’t as widely available as other phones. Currently, it’s not available through major carriers that include Verizon, T-Mobile or AT&T, so it can only be purchased through a limited number of outlets. We expect to find it available at plenty of new carriers and retailers soon — along with a handful of new deals to help you get your hands on one for less. Keep checking back here, as we’ll continue to update this page with the latest news on the best places to find the new OnePlus Open in stock and on sale. 

Watching YouTube on the OnePlus Open Watching YouTube on the OnePlus Open

The OnePlus Open is great for watching YouTube. 

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What colors does the OnePlus Open come in?

The OnePlus Open is only available in two colors: emerald dusk and voyager black. 

How much does the OnePlus Open cost?

There’s only one configuration of the OnePlus Open, which is equipped with 512GB of storage and 16GB of RAM. Pricing starts at $1,700 before any deals or discounts are applied.

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Best OnePlus Open deals

Although the OnePlus Open hit shelves back in October, it isn’t readily available and in stock at many carriers and retailers yet. The only available deals you’ll find on this new device are at Amazon, Best Buy or via OnePlus directly. We’re expecting more availability as all of the major carriers do carry other models of OnePlus phones, so we’re monitoring these sites to see what kind of deals they may have to offer throughout the year. Check back often, as we’ll keep this page updated with new deals as they arrive so you can get one of these sleek foldables in your pocket for less. 

OnePlus is currently offering a 17% discount right now, which has the price down by $300, plus there’s the potential to save even more with a trade-in. You can also save $100 on a OnePlus Watch 2 with the purchase of this phone. 

Amazon currently lists the OnePlus Open at $1,400, a straight $300 discount on the regular price. While there is no trade-in option, you do get 90 days of Amazon Music membership with the purchase as well. 

Best Buy is offering $200 off the price of the OnePlus Open, dropping it down to $1,500. Best Buy also has a trade-in program. Trade-in values vary wildly depending on what you’re handing over, however, with the latest-model Apple phones offering the best return. 

And if you’re looking to save on phones from Apple, Samsung and Google, you can check our full roundup of all the best phone deals for even more bargains. 

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