If You Finished Today’s Wordle, You Should Try These Puzzle Games Next

Wordle was 2022’s biggest word game, and it continues to be a smash hit. It was created by Josh Wardle for his partner, and it was later bought by the New York Times. CNET’s Gael Cooper has loads of tips and tricks to tackle each Wordle puzzle, but if you’re finished with today’s game — or just really enjoy puzzle games — there are a ton of options worth your time.

Wordle asks players to figure out a five-letter word in six or fewer guesses (we have a two-step strategy to help you solve the puzzle every time). After each guess, the game shows gray blocks for the wrong letters, yellow blocks for the right letters in the wrong spot and green blocks for the right letters in the correct spot. It’s addictive, but after you solve the daily puzzle or use up all your guesses, you have to wait until the next day to play again.

You’ve likely already learned some tips, tricks and lessons from the popular word game, so why not apply your newly honed problem-solving skills to other puzzles, too? After all, Wordle isn’t the only game in town. Here are 10 other puzzle games to play.


Connections game grid with emoji for April Fool's Day Connections game grid with emoji for April Fool's Day

I know it’s old, but I’m not even going to try to figure this out.

Screenshot by Gael Fashingbauer Cooper/CNET

Another NYT-owned puzzle, Connections is a tricky word game. “Players must select four groups of four words without making more than four mistakes,” the NYT wrote on X, formerly Twitter. There are also four color-coded difficulty levels for each game; yellow is the easiest, then green, the blue and finally purple. The game is also similar to the BBC quiz show Only Connect, and the show’s host took to X to point out the connection — see what I did there?

You can play Connections on any web browser, but you need a NYT subscription (which starts at $1 a week) to play.


Two Quartiles puzzles side-by-side Two Quartiles puzzles side-by-side


Quartiles is a new word game Apple News Plus subscribers can access on their iPhone or iPad that’s running iOS 17.5 or later. In this word game, you’re given 20 tiles with letters on them, and you’re trying to put them together to form different words. The longest words are four-tiles long, and these are called Quartiles. The game can be tough, but finding just one of the Quartiles is as satisfying as remembering something that was just on the tip of your tongue.

You can play Quartiles on an iPhone or iPad, but you need an Apple News subscription (which starts at $13 a month) to play.

Multiple word Wordle spinoffs: Dordle, Quordle, Octordle and Sedecordle

A person playing Quordle on their phone A person playing Quordle on their phone

Quordle has you solve four word puzzles at once which sounds daunting.

Jakub Porzycki/NurPhoto via Getty Images

Are you up for a challenge? If you love Wordle and want puzzle games that take more brain power, you’ll want to check out either DordleQuordle, Octordle or Sedecordle. Each of these word games resembles Wordle, but add more rows, columns and words to solve. Each requires you to simultaneously solve a different number of words at once: Dordle has you solving two words, Quordle four at once, Octordle eight at once, and Sedecordle a whopping 16. Good luck. 

You can play DordleQuordleOctordle or Sedecordle on any web browser.

Word Master

This Wordle remake functions almost exactly like the original but with a small tweak. Word Master uses gray, yellow and green blocks in the same way as Wordle, but Word Master lets you play unlimited games at a time so you don’t have to wait 24 hours for the next puzzle. 

You can play Word Master on any web browser. 


“Lewdle is a game about rude words,” this game’s content advisory reads. “If you’re likely to be offended by the use of profanity, vulgarity or obscenity, it likely isn’t for you.” Translation: It’s Wordle, but with bad words. The words range from mild — like poopy — to words that would make a sailor blush. Thankfully, despite this game’s content warning, slurs are not included. Like Wordle, gray, yellow and green blocks are used in the same way and there’s only one puzzle per day. So go forth and let the bad words flow!

You can play Lewdle on any web browser. You can also download this title from Apple’s App Store or the Google Play store.


The words Camel, Cells and Belch with grey, yellow and red squares over letters The words Camel, Cells and Belch with grey, yellow and red squares over letters

Not off to a great start with this Antiwordle puzzle.

Screenshot by Zach McAuliffe/CNET

Tired of seeing those grey, yellow and green blocks plastered all over your social media feed? Give Antiwordle a try. While Wordle wants you to guess a word in as few tries as possible, Antiwordle wants you to avoid the word by guessing as many times as possible. When you guess, letters will turn gray, yellow or red. Gray means the letter isn’t in the word and can’t be used again, yellow means the letter is in the word and must be included in each subsequent guess and red means the letter is in the exact position within the word and is locked in place. If you can use every letter on the keyboard without getting the word correct, you win. Honestly, I’ve found this version of Wordle to be much harder than the original. 

You can play Antiwordle on any web browser.


Absurdle bills itself as the “adversarial version” of Wordle. While Wordle nudges you in the right direction with each guess, Absurdle is trying to avoid giving you the correct answer. According to the game’s website, “With each guess, Absurdle reveals as little information as possible, changing the secret word if need be.” Absurdle doesn’t pick a word at the beginning of the game for the player to guess. Instead, it uses the player’s guesses to narrow its list of words down in an effort to make the game go as long as possible. The final word might not even include a yellow letter from one of your earlier guesses either. You can guess as many times as you want, which is helpful, and the best score you can get is four. Have fun!

You can play Absurdle on any web browser.

For more word game fun, check out CNET’s Wordle tips, the best Wordle jokes and how to play past Wordle puzzles. If you’re still confused about the word game, here’s everything to know about the word game.

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