Laughing teens beat homeless man, rip out his colostomy bag

A Oklahoma City homeless man suffered “severe injuries” after being beaten by a group of laughing teens, who reportedly ripped away his colostomy bag.

Surveillance video shows a group of people harassing Tilman Shannon from their car near a 7-11 convenience store, then chasing the victim, beating him and leaving him bloodied near a parking lot dumpster, according to local news outlet KFOR.

Oklahoma City Police Sgt. Dillon Quirk reportedly said nine people were involved in the beating that was posted on social media by one of the alleged assailants. Police arrested two adults and located three juveniles they believe to have been involved. They’re still looking for four other suspects connected to the attack that occurred last week.

Quirk said Shannon’s intestinal tract was damaged when the his colostomy bag was detached.

“He had some pretty severe injuries and pretty significant trauma,” said Sgt. Quirk.

One suspect was reportedly recorded using racial slurs while the victim was being assaulted. She appeared to tell Shannon “We are kids” during the encounter.

It’s unclear what prompted the confrontation between Shannon and his alleged assailants or if they’d had previous encounters.

Mike Martin, a longtime local where the attack took place, called the violence “disgusting.”

He said the neighborhood has a heavy gang presence.

“That is so scary,” said Trisha Tyler, who moved to the area around 2019.

Shannon was treated at University of Oklahoma Medical Center. He’s expected to survive.

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