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Prominent Indian-American leader Jasdeep Singh Jassee said the recently concluded polls in India have not only highlighted the robust electoral process in the country but also sent a powerful message to the world about the resilience and vibrancy of its democracy.

Despite a wave of scepticism from the Western media regarding the integrity of India’s democratic processes, the results have decisively dispelled such doubts, Sikhs for America leader Jasdeep Singh Jassee told PTI in an interview.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to take oath for a third consecutive term, a first in over 60 years.

Singh, who was in Punjab for two weeks during the general elections, said that the allegations appearing in the west of a compromised Election Commission and malfunctioning voting machines have been proven baseless, underscoring the legitimacy and fairness of the elections in the country.

“The people of India, through their votes, have demonstrated that they prioritise the nation’s overall development. Indian democracy has emerged more mature and it has strengthened as a result of the latest elections,” Singh said.

Responding to a question on Punjab, Singh said the elections have further debunked allegations of human rights violations and curbs on freedom

Showing the inclusiveness of India’s democratic framework, he said that Amritpal Singh, a radical pro-Khalistan separatist, participated and won the poll from jail. Additionally, the son of Beant Singh, who assassinated Indira Gandhi, also contested and won, Singh said.

Batting for the prime minister’s leadership for its “fast-track development in India”, Singh said, “There is optimism that Modi’s third term will bring stability and further economic development. The relationship between the United States and India would continue to improve.”

He added that although the BJP did not win any seat in Punjab, the party saw a significant increase in its vote share, which is about 23 per cent, more than that of the Shiromani Akali Dal.

“This surge in support is a testament to the party’s growing influence and sets a strong foundation for future electoral contests in the state,” he said.

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First Published: Jun 08 2024 | 8:50 AM IST

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