Why Sicily Is The Perfect Place For Your Summer Holidays

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and the most extensive region in Italy. It is truly a treasure trove and can offer you a unique and unforgettable experience.

It has everything: historic cities, beautiful beaches and unspoiled reserves, imposing volcanoes and smaller islands where you can relax. In fact, the island has seven cultural and landscape complexes that are UNESCO heritage sites. Finally, it also excels in food and wine.

Want to know more? Continue reading this article and discover why you should spend your holidays in Sicily.

A journey through history

Sicily boasts a thousand-year history reflected in its rich and heterogeneous cultural tradition. Here, the Greeks founded several colonies, soon becoming influential centres in the Mediterranean. Centuries later, the island was invaded by the Saracens and reconquered by the Normans.

This is why Sicily is home to numerous Greek and Roman archaeological sites: the Valley of the Temples of Agrigento, the ancient theatre of Taormina, the Neapolis of Syracuse, and the sites of Segesta and Selinunte.

For the same reasons, Palermo is the city that best expresses the cultural synthesis that characterizes the island: Moorish architecture coexists with the golden splendour of Norman mosaics. The Palatine Chapel and the Monreale Cathedral are to be noticed.

It is also worth mentioning the imposing beauty of the towns in the Val di Noto: Ragusa, Noto, and Modica, to name the best-known ones.

The sea and natural heritage

Sicily is famous for its beautiful beaches, which adapt to any need. Many Sicilian cities have long beaches that are almost in the city centre.

But there is no doubt that the most beautiful beaches are outside the city. For this reason, to make the most of your holiday and to explore the island more comfortably, the best solution is to consider villas in Sicily for rent equipped with all the comforts and the beauty of a typical Mediterranean residence. A short distance from the sea or immersed in the countryside, a villa allows you to have your own space and the comforts of a satisfying holiday from all points of view.

If you love golden sand and shallow waters, ideal also for children, you will find your paradise in Mondello (Palermo), San Vito Lo Capo (Trapani), Fontane Bianche (Syracuse) and Marina di Ragusa.

But a dip also deserves the Isola delle Correnti, the beach of Taormina, the clear waters of the Zingaro Reserve and, finally, what is still considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Italy: Calamosche, in the Vendicari Oasis.

In reality, as far as the sea is concerned, there is only the embarrassment of choice. But remember: a region as large as Sicily allows you to experience even experiences in contact with nature different from the usual swim in the sea.

The presence of rivers and lakes, caves, and mountains makes this land the ideal destination for trekking, birdwatching, and exploring caves.
It is also ideal for those who simply prefer places where they can admire the landscape in peace, taking a little distance from the crowds that sometimes flock to the beaches in the high summer.

We mention some places to consider:

  • the Gole dell’Alcantara: not far from Taormina, they are a natural canyon carved by the river, which has shaped the rocks and created a very suggestive atmosphere;
  • the salt pans of Trapani: a very picturesque WWF oasis thanks to the presence of the basins, windmills and pink flamingos;
  • Mount Etna: the largest active volcano in Europe, a destination for trekking and guided excursions;
  • the Carburangeli caves: located in Carini, in the province of Palermo, they can also be visited by children, as well as by all speleology enthusiasts.

Dream archipelagos

Off the coast of Sicily are some of the most beautiful archipelagos in the Mediterranean. What do you want: a holiday dedicated to fun or a total immersion in the slow life of the islands? You have only to choose!

The Aeolian Islands offer breathtaking volcanic landscapes and hot springs. The Egadi Islands, off the coast of Trapani, are perfect for exploring rocks and the turquoise sea with fins and masks. The island of Pantelleria is a place to relax and enjoy the scenery. Lampedusa, in the Pelagie Islands, is where you can marvel at the beauty of its white beaches. It’s a true Mediterranean jewel.

A paradise for the palate

The goodness of Sicilian cuisine has gone around the world. And we are not at all surprised. Your holiday is complete with a rich and varied food and wine experience, a perfect expression of the thousand faces of this island with a solid and unmistakable character.

Sicilian cuisine results from encountering different cultures that have succeeded one another on the island over the centuries. The most renowned typical preparations are the sweet ones: cannoli, cassatine, granitas, and brioche with ice cream are absolute essentials.

However, it is also worth tasting savoury dishes such as pasta alla Norma and Trapani cous cous, sardines “a beccafico” and caponata, and the Palermo street food for excellence: “pani câ mèusa“.

We remind you that nature has been very generous here so that you can savour excellent wines, from Nero d’Avola to Cerasuolo di Vittoria to Marsala sweet wine.

How to get to Sicily

Sicily is easily reachable by plane from the main European airports. Catania and Palermo airports are the best served, but those of Trapani, Comiso, and Lampedusa offer direct connections with various Italian and European cities. Alternatively, it is possible to reach the island by ferry from Naples, Genoa, Livorno, and Civitavecchia, reaching the main ports.

In any case, once you have disembarked, consider renting a car or a two-wheeled vehicle if your destination is a smaller island. Getting around independently is the best option for visiting Sicily and moving from beach to beach.

If you have read here, you have understood that Sicily is enchanting. It is impossible to get bored. You can find the place that’s right for you, and that satisfies your desires.

Are you travelling alone? Are you a couple, with your family or with a group of friends? It’s not a problem, because in Sicily you will always have plenty to do and see on your own or in company.

What are you waiting for to book your trip?

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