Calgary Sun Letters to the Editor for Thursday, May 30, 2024

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Stand with our Jewish friends

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Seeing all the recent anti-Semitism increasing along with pro-Palestinian support (which is turning more and more to pro-Hamas support) angers and disgusts me. The fact that our governments have not come out strongly in favour of Israel after the Oct. 7 Hamas attack is profoundly upsetting, and actually encourages terrorism. I suggest it is time someone or some organization come out with a small bracelet or armband in support of Israel. I am not Jewish, but I would proudly wear such a small symbol to support our Jewish neighbours and friends, along with the democratic country of Israel.

Graham Neville

(It is hard to believe this is happening on the streets of this country.)

Bad ticket policy

Just heard the news about a father being ticketed by the City of Calgary Bylaw for being stopped dropping his kids off at school during street sweeping, what a joke! If he is appealing it he will just get the standard ‘do not care, you will have to go through the courts to really fight it.’ Signs or no signs this is just another money grab. They have already given out 17,000 tickets at $80 each, that’s $1,360,000 into city coffers.Truly, the mayor and council are just thieves.

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Donna Langer

(If the sign said don’t park, you can’t park and be upset you got caught.)

Looking for the past

This is no longer the Canada I grew up in. It is no longer the nation my parents fled to when they left Europe right after the war. With nothing against Indigenous people, as an example, I am taken aback when their languages are celebrated in our Houses of Parliament as was evidenced by our Governor General and an Ontario MPP. Again using these incidents only as examples, but when will all this stop? When will we return to the values we all sought when we wanted to be Canadians?

George Ewert

(Celebrating all Canadians and what makes them unique sounds pretty Canadian to us.)

Misguided MP

I’m always perplexed when I see Jagmeet Singh stand up in parliament and ask with conviction “when is this government going to…” yada, yada, yada. Makes for a good sound bite but that’s about all. Surely he must know it’s up to him what the bozo PM Trudeau and his band of clowns actually do. The irony of it all is that he could bring down this shite show of a government at any time and, if the polls are to be believed, he would still be the leader of the official opposition! The only difference is that he might actually earn the position!

John Hancock 

(We’re surprised anyone is listening to what he says, sound bite or not.)

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