How to stay cool without air conditioning

Editor’s Note: This story was first published in 2020 and has been updated.


Whether you’re without power, enduring extreme heat or trying to save money, there are ways to feel comfortable without artificial cooling.

Heat can foster fun summer activities, but the body shouldn’t be too hot for too long, as too much heat can harm your brain and other organs, according to the US National Institutes of Health. Sweating is the body’s natural cooling system, but when that’s not enough, there’s increased risk for developing the heat-related illness hyperthermia — signs of which include heat cramps, heat edema and heat stroke. Heat combined with high humidity exacerbates this risk, since the air’s saturation level makes sweat accumulate on the skin, preventing the body from cooling naturally.

Staying cool can be done by using some basic supplies and knowing how to manipulate your home to control its temperatures. Here are 14 methods for doing so.

When you’re hot and flushed, hydrating yourself is the first and foremost step to cooling down, said Wendell Porter, a senior lecturer emeritus in agricultural and biological engineering at the University of Florida.

07 cool down wellness

The temperature of the water doesn’t matter since your body will heat it, he added. If your body is suffering from the heat and needs to cool itself, it can’t do that without enough moisture, since the body cools itself by sweating.

Taking a cold shower or bath helps cool your body by lowering your core temperature, Porter said.

03 cool down wellness

For an extra cool blast, try peppermint soap. The menthol in peppermint oil activates brain receptors that tell your body something you’re eating or feeling is cold.

02 cool down wellness

Place a cold washrag or ice bags (packs) on your wrists or drape it around your neck to cool your body. These pulse points are areas where blood vessels are close to the skin, so you’ll cool down more quickly.

Place box fans facing out of the windows of rooms you’re spending time in to blow out hot air and replace it with cold air inside.

09 cool down wellness

If the weather in your area tends to fall between 50 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the mornings and evenings, opening the windows on both sides of the house during those times can facilitate a cross-flow ventilation system. If you do this, you can opt to use or not use the fans, but the fans would help cool the house faster, Porter said. The outdoors can pull the hot air from your home, leaving a cooler temperature or bringing in the breeze. Just be sure to close windows as the sun comes out, then open them when the weather is cool again.

Just resting near a fan would reduce your body temperature as well.

If you have windows that face the sun’s direction in the morning through afternoon, close the curtains or blinds over them to “keep the sun from coming directly into the house and heating up (the) inside,” Porter said.

05 cool down wellness

You could also install blackout curtains to insulate the room and reduce temperature increases that would happen during the day.

If you do turn the air conditioning on, don’t set it below 70 degrees Fahrenheit in an effort to cool the house faster, said Samantha Hall, founder of Spaces Alive, an Australia-based design research company helping to create healthy, sustainable buildings.

“It just runs for longer to reach that temp and will keep going until you start to feel a bit chilly and is then hard to balance,” she added. Instead, keep the unit temperature as high as possible while still comfortable.

Cotton is one of the most breathable materials, so cotton sheets or blankets could help keep you cool through the night.

04 cool down wellness

The lower the thread count of the cotton, the more breathable it is, Porter said. That’s because higher thread counts have more weaving per square inch.

If you can’t sleep through the night because you’re too hot, try sleeping somewhere besides your bedroom, if that’s an option. Heat rises, so if you have a lower or basement level in your home, set up a temporary sleeping area there to experience cooler temperatures at night.

Common advice for staying cool without air conditioning includes refrigerating or freezing wet socks, blankets or clothing then ringing them out to wear while you sleep. But this isn’t a good idea, Porter said.

Because of “the amount of energy they can absorb from your body that night, they will be warm in just a matter of minutes,” he said. “And then you’d have damp stuff that would mold your mattress. So you definitely don’t want to do that.”

If no one’s using a room that doesn’t have vents or registers, close the door to that area to keep the cool air confined to only occupied areas of the house.

Use the exhaust fan in your kitchen and/or bathroom

Flip the switch for the exhaust fan in your kitchen to pull hot air that rises after you cook or in your bathroom to draw out steam after you shower.

Incandescent light bulbs generate a higher temperature than LED light bulbs do. To make the switch, watch for sales on energy-efficient bulbs, then slowly replace the bulbs in your house, Porter said.

08 cool down wellness

Switching light bulbs can save money but won’t reduce a lot of heat in the home, Hall said. However, if you focus on switching the bulbs in areas you’re sitting near, that would make a more noticeable difference, Porter said.

01 cool down wellness

Oven heat can spread throughout your house. Keep the heat centralized in one area, such as a slow cooker. Or, cook outdoors on a grill to keep the heat outside.

Eating an ice pop or ice cream to cool down may help for a moment. But don’t go overboard on the sugar if you’re overheated or at risk of being overheated, Porter said.

06 cool down wellness

“Sugar would run your metabolism up and you’d start feeling internally hot,” he said. “So the cool treat might be good, but the extra sugar might not.”

If you’ve tried everything and still can’t beat the heat at home, you could look online for any local programs that are offering ductless air conditioners.

Depending on your state, some cooling centers — air-conditioned public facilities where people might go for relief during extremely hot weather — may be open and taking precautions to ensure they’re as safe as possible. You could start by checking with your local utility offices, as they would know who is offering certain programs, Porter recommended.

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Senate to vote Wednesday on Right to Contraception Act

The Senate will vote Wednesday on whether to approve the Right to Contraception Act, both as a way to safeguard women’s access to birth control and to show voters where their senators stand on the issue, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer said Sunday.

The New York Dem noted that June marks two years since the U.S. Supreme Court overturned the Roe v. Wade decision that guaranteed women the constitutional right to an abortion. He said nothing short of legally codifying a person’s fundamental right to birth control will stop the conservative-leaning Supreme Court from continuing to chip away at women’s health care.

“Now more than ever, and as we approach the two-year anniversary of the Supreme Court’s dismantling of Roe v. Wade, contraception is a critical piece of protecting women’s reproductive freedoms, standing as nothing short of a vital lifeline for millions of Americans across the country,” Schumer said in a statement.

“The American people have a right to know where their elected officials stand.”

He vowed that he and fellow Senate Democrats would “fight to protect access to contraception and other reproductive freedoms that are essential safeguards for millions of women to control their own lives, their futures and their bodies.”

Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., speaks before President Joe Biden at Prince William Forest Park on Earth Day, Monday, April 22, 2024, in Triangle, Va. Biden is announcing $7 billion in federal grants to provide residential solar projects serving low- and middle-income communities and expanding his American Climate Corps green jobs training program. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta

Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.) speaks before President Biden at Prince William Forest Park on April 22, in Triangle, Va. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

The legislation, introduced by Sen. Ed Markey (D-Mass.), is designed “to protect a person’s ability to access contraceptives and to engage in contraception, and to protect a health care provider’s ability to provide contraceptives, contraception, and information related to contraception.” It covers everything from oral contraceptives to condoms.

While some Republicans have said there is no need for such a bill because the right to contraception and family planning are not being challenged, the bill’s supporters claim that the Supreme Court’s failure to protect abortion rights and in vitro fertilization (IVF) are clear signs that the conservative-majority justices are coming for the rest of it.

“It’s a slow creep to a very bad situation in terms of rights,” Schumer spokesman Angelo Roefaro told the Daily News.

That is underscored by the fact that many right-wing and extremist officials in politics and the judicial system have called for a Supreme Court reckoning on contraception, Schumer said. Moreover, he said, states are already restricting public funding for contraceptive products and services.

State legislation to protect contraception rights has been blocked or shot down in Virginia, Missouri, Arizona, Tennessee and Idaho, among others. Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump implied earlier this month that contraception is on the policy table, although he walked his statements back later on.

“I have been clear we will not stand for these attacks, and we will fight to preserve reproductive freedoms,” Schumer said, adding that Democrats “remain absolutely committed to doing everything we can to protect women, families, reproductive freedom.”

The vote will be a litmus test and a source of information for voters heading into this fall’s election, of the measure, which passed 228-195 in the House of Representatives in 2022, when it was under Democratic control.

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Male birth control gel is safe and effective, new trial findings show

Every morning for a year and a half, Logan Whitehead, 24, rubbed a clear gel on his shoulders, waited for it to dry, then went about his day as usual.

“It was basically like a hand sanitizer solution,” said Whitehead, who lives in Torrance, California. “Smelled like hand sanitizer, looked like hand sanitizer.”

The gel wasn’t hand sanitizer, though. It was a hormonal solution meant to block Whitehead’s sperm production. The gel was male birth control.

Until this past winter when his participation concluded, Whitehead was a volunteer in a phase 2 trial for the gel. The product — which contains testosterone and a synthetic hormone called Nestorone that reduces sperm production — is the most advanced among a crop of novel birth control options for men.

If the Food and Drug Administration approves the gel, Whitehead said he would definitely keep using it, especially after watching his partner struggle with available female birth control options.

“The gel was such an easy process,” he said. “It was basically like taking the pill for the day.”

Whitehead said he didn’t notice side effects using the gel beyond some upper back acne and possibly a bit of weight gain, although that could have been linked to a new sedentary job.

Hormonal gel trial shows promise

On Sunday, at the Endocrine Society’s conference in Boston, researchers with the National Institutes of Health’s Contraceptive Development Program presented encouraging phase 2 trial results on the hormonal gel.

The trial involved 222 men, ages 18 to 50, who applied 5 milliliters of the gel (about a teaspoon) to each of their shoulder blades once per day.

The second part of the two-part trial is still underway. Initial findings showed that the contraceptive worked faster than expected, according to Diana Blithe, chief of NIH’s Contraceptive Development Program.

After 12 weeks of applying the gel every day, 86% of trial participants achieved sperm suppression, meaning they had only up to 1 million sperm per milliliter of semen, the amount the researchers deemed effective for contraception. On average, the timing for effective contraception was eight weeks.

In comparison, normal sperm counts without contraception can range from 15 million to 200 million per milliliter.

The faster-than-expected timing to suppress sperm is an encouraging sign, especially since past attempts have taken longer to reach these sperm levels, Blithe said in a news release about the new data.

Prior efforts using testosterone alone have required higher doses of the hormone, which can cause side effects. Because the gel includes both testosterone and Nestorone, it acts more quickly and requires less testosterone, she said.

Nestorone is a type of synthetic hormone called a progestin that’s already used in the vaginal ring contraceptive. Combining Nestorone and testosterone in the new gel is meant to keep men from producing sperm without affecting their sex drive or causing other side effects.

So far, the men in the gel clinical trial have shown low enough blood levels of testosterone to maintain their normal sexual function.

Researchers are now tracking how well the gel works to prevent pregnancy. Because of pregnancy risk, male participants are required to be in committed, monogamous relationships, and need consent from their female partners too. The couple must agree to use the gel as their only birth control and to have sex at least once a month for a year. Throughout the study, men have their sperm counts tested periodically, which is a good predictor of fertility. If the sperm counts remain low, the chances of pregnancy are slim.

After decades of early-stage attempts and failures, there are no federally approved male birth control drugs. Only a handful have even advanced into human trials.

It’s not because the approaches haven’t shown potential, researchers say, but because there hasn’t been enough funding or financial investment to complete expensive advanced human trials.

“We’ve been pushing for hormonal male contraceptives for 50 years, but there isn’t enough money available to really drive something through a very large phase 3 trial,” said Daniel Johnston, chief of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development’s Contraception Research Branch.

If one male birth control drug gains approval from the FDA, pharmaceutical companies and industry investors would put more resources into other medications or products, Johnston believes.

“We’ve been chasing this for a long time,” Johnston said. “I hope we’re entering new territory.”

Nonhormonal options in development

Also at the Boston conference on Sunday, YourChoice Therapeutics said a very small trial in the U.K. — just 16 men — showed that its nonhormonal pill, YCT-529, was safe and free of side effects. The San Francisco company’s nonhormonal pill works by blocking the vitamin A receptor important for male fertility.

YourChoice is planning a larger trial, according to CEO Akash Bakshi.

“We’re excited to see what happens next,” Bakshi said.

Separately, a Charlottesville, Virginia, medical device company, Contraline, is developing a nonhormonal male birth control method that involves injecting a gel into the vas deferens, the tubes that transport sperm from the testicles.

Injecting the gel, called ADAM, involves a single, 15-minute procedure, said Kevin Eisenfrats, Contraline’s CEO and co-founder. Then, the gel is meant to stay in place for years. Contraline compares the long-acting reversible contraceptive to an intrauterine device (IUD) for women.

Contraline has been testing ADAM in an early clinical trial in Australia. In January, the company reported that among 25 clinical trial participants, the approach resulted in a 99.8% to 100% reduction in the number of motile sperm within 30 days of the procedure, Eisenfrats said.

“It’s honestly very similar to the experience patients have after a vasectomy,” he said. “Some of these patients had light bruising and swelling, which go away on their own.”

Contraline hopes to start testing ADAM in the U.S. in 2025.

Because Contraline is developing ADAM as a medical device and not a drug, it may be able to go through a speedier clinical trial and regulatory process than contraceptive drugs like the hormonal gel, experts suggest.

If it goes according to plan — which can be rare for novel products with no precedent — Eisenfrats said he’s aiming for an FDA approval in 2027.

Another company called Next Life Sciences is developing a similar method. Next Life’s approach, called Plan A, or Vasalgel, also involves blocking the vas deferens with a gel-like injection. Next Life is based in Flagstaff, Arizona. Next Life hasn’t started testing Plan A in people yet, although the company did test its method of injecting the gel in Canadian volunteers this past year.

Demand for new contraception is growing

U.S. and global surveys have found that men are willing to use contraception, said gynecologist Dr. Brian Nguyen, one of the investigators on the gel clinical trials.

“By and large, they always say they’d be interested,” said Nguyen, an associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology at the University of Southern California.

According to one 2023 survey published in the journal Contraception, three-quarters of 2,066 male respondents said they’d be willing to use new contraceptives.

In 2019, the nonprofit Male Contraceptive Initiative estimated more than 17 million men in the U.S. want more birth control options.

Heather Vahdat, the Male Contraceptive Initiative’s executive director, said interest in male birth control has been on the rise since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022.

Recent research from the University of Pittsburgh School of Public Health found that the number of young women and men choosing permanent birth control such as vasectomy and tubal ligation increased sharply after the court’s decision and has continued to rise.

A separate study conducted in part by the Male Contraceptive Initiative, showed that before the abortion ruling, 78% of men in the U.S. said they were interested in trying new birth control methods. Afterward, it climbed to 82%.

“The demand has always been there, but there’s a greater intensity now,” Vahdat said. “We get emails daily from people asking where they can sign up for clinical trials.”

Unlike a vasectomy, each of the new contraceptive approaches is meant to be reversible, so men can stop using them and regain their ability to have children.

“Vasectomies are a great solution for men who are done having kids,” Eisenfrats said. But reversing the procedure — which involves reattaching the vas deferens in a three-hour microsurgery — can be extremely challenging and doesn’t always work, he said.

While condoms can be highly effective against pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections when used perfectly, perfect use is hard to achieve. And condoms generally aren’t the preferred contraceptive in long-term relationships, YourChoice’s Bakshi said. 

Why is male birth control taking so long?

The new trial results are encouraging to Vahdat. But she knows that it’s not enough to show a birth control method is safe and effective. The product needs substantial buy-in from investors, too.

“We have this classic line, ‘Male contraceptives have been 10 years away for 50 years,’” Vahdat said.

The reason, she believes, boils down to lack of funding.

After NIH research grants, the Male Contraceptive Initiative is the second-biggest funder of male contraceptive research in the world, according to Vahdat.

“That’s super exciting, except when you consider we only grant about $1.5 million a year,” she said.

On average, the Congressional Budget Office ballparks $1 billion to $2 billion as the amount needed to take a drug through clinical trials and onto the market.

Right now, there’s just not enough money to take any of these male birth control approaches through the FDA review process, USC’s Nguyen said.

The hormonal gel is the most advanced in clinical trials, but it still hasn’t gone through a much larger, lengthy phase 3 trial. As of now — in part due to funding uncertainties — plans to test the gel further are still up in the air.

Most academic researchers or small biotech companies developing new drugs rely on drugmakers with deep pockets to fund advanced trials. In exchange, these bigger companies usually expect a cut of profit once the drugs make it to market.

The studies so far have been funded by NIH and the independent nonprofit Lundquist Institute in Torrance, California.

As of now, Nguyen said, there’s no major pharmaceutical company stepping in to fund the male contraceptive gel’s next-stage trials.

“There has to be an industry partner,” he said.

Nguyen thinks the challenge is that despite evidence that men want options, many couples still depend on female birth control.

“But that doesn’t mean they are satisfied with them and wouldn’t appreciate a male method.” Nguyen said.

“People always ask, ‘How long will it be until we see this product on the market?’” Nguyen said. “Most people will say five to 10 years, but I disagree.”

However, the chance of any of these male contraceptives — the gel, the physical blockers, the pills and whichever new methods crop up next — making it to market depends on whether investors with deep pockets recognize the demand is really there, Vahdat said.

To reach this point, she believes, the conversation has to shift away from viewing male contraception and female contraception as mutually exclusive landscapes with two separate populations demanding them.

“I think of male contraception as women’s health,” she said. “You’re still preventing unintended pregnancy.”

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Letters, June 2, 2024: ‘Keane wasn’t keen to stay in Calgary’

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Personal reasons?

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Is anyone buying the “family and personal reasons” for high-profile hire Tim Keane’s departure from his role as ‘Blanket Rezoning Mastermind’? More likely either he — or the G & G (Gondek & Groupies) crew — came to the realization the partnership just wasn’t going to work. Perhaps after sitting in the ‘city dug-out’ for two weeks-plus, and listening to the overwhelming rejection of the desperately-flawed ‘solution’ to the housing crisis, Keane got a glimpse of his ‘future’ trying to stickhandle an ongoing disaster. Keane is now back home in Charleston, S.C., where he will begin his duties as a planner in that city. Whatever the ‘family and personal issues’ trotted out as the reason for his warp-time departure from Calgary, they appear not to be an obstacle to his speedily acquired new gig.

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(The timing does appear a tad suspect.)

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Take a walk, JT!

(Re: Miller increases cap on applications for Palestinians to join relatives in Canada). Forget about raising the immigration cap from one thousand to five thousand. Canadians are calling out for an election to be called now. Justin Trudeau needs to listen to their call and take decisive action today. As the federal Liberal government sinks further and further in the daily polls, this nation is free-falling into the great abyss. Justin needs to take that walk to see Gov.-Gen. Mary Simon.


(If current polls are to be believed, an election with Trudeau leading the Liberals doesn’t seem like a wise move for him.)

Expensive daycares

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With pro-Palestinian encampments taking place at many universities across Canada and the U.S., it is all very perplexing. These now-toxic environments were, at one time, bastions of critical thinking and intellectual thought where open discussions on any given topic were highly expected and applauded. Proper, advanced education anchors the ability of our society to succeed. It is supposed to defend “the right to think the unthinkable, discuss the unmentionable and challenge the unchallengeable.” However, our universities today are daycares for dysfunctional adults who are failing our economy and destroying cultural foundations and all our traditional Canadian pragmatism.


(It used to be folks on campus were the ones defending free speech most vigorously.)

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Kesha Celebrates First Show as a ‘Free Woman’ at WeHo Pride

Kesha is celebrating her freedom. On Friday night, the musician headlined West Hollywood Pride at OutLoud Fest and shared onstage that the concert marked her first show since becoming a free woman after settling her decade-long lawsuit with Dr. Luke last summer.

“This is my first show as a free motherfucking woman,” Kesha told the crowd before debuting a new song aptly titled “Freedom,” as she asked the crowd, “Anybody else feeling free as fuck tonight?”

Kesha packed her performance with some of her greatest hits from the early 2010s, including “Blow,” “Timber,” “Backstabber,” and “Tik Tok,” on which she replaced the song’s opening lyric to “Wake up in the morning like Fuck P Diddy” in reference to the myriad assault accusations against the music mogul. (She and Renée Rapp did the same while performing the track together at Coachella.)

Kesha closed her show by performing “Praying,” her emotional Rainbow song about her legal battle with Luke, and the queer anthem “We R Who We R,” as drag stars Morphine Love Dion and Laganja Estranga joined her onstage and a message that read “Kesha’s music makes people gay” played on screen.

“I fucking love you,” she told the crowd at the end of her show. We was wearing a leather jacket with the word “Freedom” written in jewels on the back.

The performance comes about a year after she settled her lawsuit with Dr. Luke, and months after she officially parted ways with RCA Records and Luke’s Kemosabe imprint. Back in February, she shared her excitement for the new chapter in her life as she teased new music.

“I’ll say that there is a day—although I won’t say the day—but there is a day marked on my calendar when I am free to release music,” Kesha told V Magazine. “So just know that she is out here in the woods writing and singing till four in the morning, ferociously. I am being a feral wild woman out here. So just know that.”

In March, the singer tweeted, “First day I’ve owned my voice in 19 years. Welcome.”

Last June, Luke and Kesha said they had reached a “resolution” to Luke’s defamation lawsuit, years after Kesha first filed a suit against the producer in 2014. Kesha had alleged an extended period of sexual, physical, and emotional abuse, and had attempted to extricate herself from her contract. Luke countersued that same year, vehemently denying her allegations and claiming that the singer had defamed him. (A judge dismissed Kesha’s claims in 2016, on the grounds that they were too old.)


In her statement at the time of the settlement, Kesha said that “only God knows what happened” on the night she claimed she was raped by the producer, adding, “As I always said, I cannot recount everything that happened.” Luke, for his part, maintained his full innocence: “I am absolutely certain that nothing happened.”

Friday night marked the first day of JJLA’s OutLoud Fest in West Hollywood. Janelle Monáe is set to headline on Saturday before performances from Kylie Minogue and Purple Disco Machine on Sunday.

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Official video streams now eligible for Music Canada’s Gold/Platinum Singles Program

March 5, 2024, TORONTO: Music Canada is thrilled to announce that, effective today, official video streams now count towards certification in the Gold/Platinum Program for Single Awards. The expansion recognizes the breadth of artists achieving success with video and celebrates how fans are listening to their favourite music.

Music Canada’s Gold/Platinum Certification Program was launched in 1975 to celebrate milestone sales of music in Canada. The program honours the artists, and their teams, who create music that resonates with Canadians and achieves commercial success in Canada.

“This is an exciting moment for Music Canada’s Gold/Platinum Program – which is turning 50 in 2025. With this launch, we’re capturing the many innovative and licensed ways that Canadians enjoy music, and we’re recognizing deserving artists who have cultivated devoted fanbases through their music videos,” says Patrick Rogers, CEO, Music Canada. 

Under the updated guidelines, official video streams within Canada from an approved digital service provider, such as YouTube, Vevo and Apple Music, and which were made available on or after January 1, 2020, can count towards certification. 

In addition, streaming equivalents for audio and video have been updated to better account for the differing economics of ad-supported and subscription-based streams. Benchmarks to achieve certification remain the same, with singles eligible for Gold at 40,000 units, Platinum at 80,000 units and Multi-Platinum beginning at 160,000 units. Singles are eligible for Diamond certification at 800,000 units. 

For more information on the updated guidelines, including and how to apply for certification, please see the FAQ.


Regan Reid
Music Canada
(416) 462-1485

About Music Canada

Music Canada is the trade association representing Canada’s major record labels: Sony Music Entertainment Canada, Universal Music Canada and Warner Music Canada. Like its members, Music Canada is a partner to the industry, working with artists, independent labels, publishers, platforms, associations and others, in advancing forward-looking policies to ensure a dynamic and successful Canadian music ecosystem which returns value to music creators.

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Letters to the editor, June 1, 2024: ‘Bad policy makes for bad roads’

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The reason the roads are in such a mess is complete policy failure of the transportation/roads department. They don’t mill enough of the road surface down, causing premature cracking and flaking. Secondly, the fact the roads department isn’t doing the required compaction tests or followups on utility digups is causing sink holes all over the city. It’s another massive policy failure and massive safety issue for motorcycles/cyclists and vehicles. It’s appalling!


(Some of our roads are in a sorry state. Regarding the causes, we’ll have to take your word for it.)

Not welcome here

So, there are rumours that Mr. Dressup, Justin Trudeau, is coming to Calgary to bless us with his presence at the Calgary Stampede. No, thank you. Where’s Danielle Smith? This unwelcome punisher of Canadians is not wanted here. Trudeau is a persona non grata in Alberta, the land of the free. Trudeau should stay in eastern Canada with his fans.

Article content


(His fans certainly appear to be few and far between in Wild Rose Country.)

Simple solution

Here is a remedy for the homeless people on the CTrains. Bring back all those extra cars for the four-car trains that are not being used and use just those extra cars to house the homeless people so they have their own cars and are not disturbing the other passengers. That way they can go on their scenic journeys and not bother the paying customers. They could even take out some of the seats, so the homeless people can lie down and rest.


(Let’s hope something a little more permanent is in the works.)

Yes-or-no question

Obviously, Mayor (Jyoti) Gondek and Coun. (Gian-Carlo) Carra know nothing about city council decorum. Coun. (Dan) McLean put a yes-or-no question to the city chief operating officer about the federal funds received and if voting no on rezoning would have affected receiving those funds. Instead of allowing the employee to answer the question, both Gondek and Carra spoke out of turn, trying to suppress his answer. Coun. McLean should have insisted the COO answer the question, not the two ignoramuses.


(Decorum is in short supply in council chambers these days.)

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Buy Billy Corgan, FEW Spirits Bottle Online

If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, Rolling Stone may receive an affiliate commission.

The Smashing Pumpkins are giving fans a new release to (ava) adore, with the launch of a new bourbon whiskey, inspired by the band’s iconic discography and iconography.

Dubbed the “FEW Smashing Pumpkins Bourbon,” the new 93-proof bottling is a collaboration between the band and U.S. distillery FEW Spirits, with a flavor cut with black tea from Madame Zuzu’s Emporium, the boutique tea shop run by Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan and wife, Chloé Mendel Corgan. The accompanying bottle is designed by artist Katelan Foisy, who designed interior album art for Corgan’s solo album, Ogilala, and has worked with the Pumpkins on stage backdrops for previous tours. Etched on the back of the label is the lyric, “Time is never time at all,” taken from the band’s hit single, “Tonight, Tonight”, from 1996’s Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness.

FEW Spirits

The accompanying liquid starts with a straight bourbon that’s aged for four years, that’s then cut to bottling strength using “Midnight Rose” black tea from Corgan’s tea shop. The finished product offers familiar bourbon notes of vanilla and caramel, balanced by hints of rose water, sandalwood and the black tea. Perhaps inspired by the band’s diamond-selling Mellon Collie album, the tasting notes say to expect “bright aromas” of “ripe honeydew melon” as well.

Aside from paying tribute to the band’s catalog, the new bourbon release also honors the shared Chicago roots of Corgan and FEW Spirits’ founder and master distiller Paul Hletko.

“Whether you’re making music, painting, blending tea, or distilling spirits, you’re making art,” Hletko says, in a release. “As a Chicagoan, I felt a personal responsibility to match the raw, primal energy of the Pumpkins.”

Adds the longtime Pumpkins fan: “Songs like ‘I Am One’, the opening track of the band’s first album, Gish, provided a ton of inspiration. Press ‘play’ and you’re immediately struck by these thumping, propulsive drums, joined seconds later by a tight bassline groove before crunching guitars kick in to round out what, for me, is such a signature sound. That’s the driving, yet symphonic quality we wanted to bring to this liquid.”


The FEW Smashing Pumpkins Bourbon is available to purchase now at select retailers across the U.S. and online. You can find out more at This is the latest musician collaboration from the distillery, which released a “Motor Oil Whiskey” with Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in 2022.

As for the Smashing Pumpkins, the band is set to hit the road with Green Day and Rancid this month. The “Saviors Tour” kicks off June 29 at Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. and wraps up Sept. 28 at Petco Park in San Diego.

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5 mars 2024, TORONTO ― Music Canada a le plaisir d’annoncer qu’à compter d’aujourd’hui, les flux de vidéos officiels comptent désormais pour la certification dans le cadre du Programme des disques d’or et de platine. Cet élargissement reconnaît la diversité des artistes qui réussissent grâce à la vidéo et célèbre comment les fans écoutent leur musique préférée.

Le programme de certification or/platine de Music Canada a été lancé en 1975 pour célébrer les ventes importantes de musique au Canada. Le programme rend hommage aux artistes et à leurs équipes qui créent de la musique qui parle aux Canadiens et qui remporte un succès commercial au Canada.

« C’est d’un moment passionnant pour le Programme or/platine de Music Canada, qui fêtera ses 50 ans en 2025. Grâce à ce lancement, nous saisissons les nombreuses façons novatrices autorisées par lesquelles les Canadiens apprécient la musique, et nous reconnaissons les artistes méritants qui ont cultivé des bases de fans dévoués grâce à leurs vidéoclips », a déclaré Patrick Rogers, chef de la direction, Music Canada. 

Selon les nouvelles directives, les vidéos officielles diffusées au Canada par un fournisseur de services numériques agréé, tel que YouTube, Vevo et Apple Music, et mises à disposition à partir du 1er janvier 2020, peuvent être prises en compte pour l’obtention de la certification. 

En outre, les équivalents de flux audio et vidéo ont été mis à jour pour mieux tenir compte des différences économiques entre les flux financés par la publicité et les flux financés par les abonnements. Les critères d’obtention de la certification restent les mêmes : les simples peuvent être certifiés or à partir de 40 000 unités, platine à partir de 80 000 unités et multiplatine à partir de 160 000 unités. Les simples sont admissibles à la certification Diamant à partir de 800 000 unités. 

Pour plus d’information sur les lignes directrices mises à jour, y compris comment demander la certification, veuillez consulter notre FAQ.


Regan Reid
Music Canada
(416) 462-1485

À propos de Music Canada

Music Canada est l’association professionnelle représentant les principales maisons de disques du Canada : Sony Music Entertainment Canada, Universal Music Canada et Warner Music Canada. Comme ses membres, Music Canada est un partenaire de l’industrie, qui travaille avec les artistes, les maisons de disques indépendants, les éditeurs, les plateformes, les associations et d’autres, pour faire avancer des politiques tournées vers l’avenir afin d’assurer un écosystème musical canadien dynamique et fructueux qui rapporte de la valeur aux créateurs de musique.

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