Letters, June 2, 2024: ‘Keane wasn’t keen to stay in Calgary’

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Personal reasons?

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Is anyone buying the “family and personal reasons” for high-profile hire Tim Keane’s departure from his role as ‘Blanket Rezoning Mastermind’? More likely either he — or the G & G (Gondek & Groupies) crew — came to the realization the partnership just wasn’t going to work. Perhaps after sitting in the ‘city dug-out’ for two weeks-plus, and listening to the overwhelming rejection of the desperately-flawed ‘solution’ to the housing crisis, Keane got a glimpse of his ‘future’ trying to stickhandle an ongoing disaster. Keane is now back home in Charleston, S.C., where he will begin his duties as a planner in that city. Whatever the ‘family and personal issues’ trotted out as the reason for his warp-time departure from Calgary, they appear not to be an obstacle to his speedily acquired new gig.

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(The timing does appear a tad suspect.)

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Take a walk, JT!

(Re: Miller increases cap on applications for Palestinians to join relatives in Canada). Forget about raising the immigration cap from one thousand to five thousand. Canadians are calling out for an election to be called now. Justin Trudeau needs to listen to their call and take decisive action today. As the federal Liberal government sinks further and further in the daily polls, this nation is free-falling into the great abyss. Justin needs to take that walk to see Gov.-Gen. Mary Simon.


(If current polls are to be believed, an election with Trudeau leading the Liberals doesn’t seem like a wise move for him.)

Expensive daycares

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With pro-Palestinian encampments taking place at many universities across Canada and the U.S., it is all very perplexing. These now-toxic environments were, at one time, bastions of critical thinking and intellectual thought where open discussions on any given topic were highly expected and applauded. Proper, advanced education anchors the ability of our society to succeed. It is supposed to defend “the right to think the unthinkable, discuss the unmentionable and challenge the unchallengeable.” However, our universities today are daycares for dysfunctional adults who are failing our economy and destroying cultural foundations and all our traditional Canadian pragmatism.


(It used to be folks on campus were the ones defending free speech most vigorously.)

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